About Carolena & Megha 

CAROLENA NERICCIO-BOHLMAN is the dynamic founder of the worldwide dance phenomenon called American Tribal Style® Dance. An early fascination of permanent body adornment lead 8-year old Carolena to request that her Father, Carl, a collector himself, to buy a ring she could “wear always and not take off”. This concept evolved into the study of folkloric textiles, a body full of tattoos and a collection of jewelry and textiles from around the world. The discovery of belly dance led to the creation of her own dance style, American Tribal Style® (ATS®) Belly Dance. FatChanceBellyDance® was founded by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman in 1987 and immediately captured the attention of audiences worldwide with stunning dance performances featuring majestic costuming and layers of tribal jewelry. The music, a carefully chosen collection of both traditional sounds and modern fusion adds to the effect. American Tribal Style® looks old, but it is actually new.

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Photography by: The Dancer's Eye Photography

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MEGHA GAVIN began performing very early in life. She took her first dance classes at about the age of 4 and has been creating and performing ever since. Theatre soon caught her attention and that was her passion throughout her schooling years. It was in 1996 that she discovered American Tribal Style® Bellydance and immediately shifted her focus to this art form. In San Francisco, Megha studied ATS® with the originator of the style from 1996 - 1998. Upon returning to the Southeast, she began teaching ATS® classes in order to create a community of people to dance with. She was the first to offer these classes in this region and has continued teaching pure ATS for the last 10 years. She continues to teach and perform at sold out workshops across the country and around the world both individually and on the Tribal Pura tour with her teacher/partner, Carolena Nericcio. In 2003 Megha completed teacher certification with Carolena Nericcio (creator of ATS® and founder of FatChance BellyDance®) and entered into an exclusive partnership with her. They now take their love and appreciation of this elegant dance style in its original form on the road to co-teach the technique and artistic vision created by Carolena over the last 20 years. Megha directs the Birmingham, AL based Devyani Dance Company. Under her direction, Devyani has performed at countless festivals, weddings, corporate events and private parties over the last 12 years and has been nominated for multiple cultural and artistic awards.